Start Your New Diet Revolution with the Infamous Atkins Diet

It is no more undeniable that the world we live in today emphasis more on the physical side of the human, our physical appearances. It is all about looking beautiful and pretty where beauty is always poorly linked to being slim and all. The proof can be seen everywhere through advertisements in magazines, televisions etc.

Although there is a saying that goes ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and we know physical appearance is not everything, but we can’t really deny the fact that there are indeed many positive effects if we take the effort to take extra care of our body. When we get to that ideal body we have always wanted, it means we are making sure we are fit and healthy. It means that we have helped ourselves to boost our level of self confidence. It means life will be better if not perfect in some way or the other.

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Top 10 Rules for Lifetime Maintenance

When we speak about the Atkins Diet, we know that we have to work around one basic rule and that is ‘to cut down carbohydrates’. This is the diet plan which encourages the intake of fat and protein and of course, good carbohydrates that you can get from vegetables.

This diet plan is divided in to four phases and the last phase of this diet is lifetime maintenance phase. Lifetime maintenance phase is the one phase that will decide whether you will be able to maintain the ideal weight you have achieved right from the first phase or not. Although you have already passed the most difficult phase (induction phase) but all your effort will go down the drain if you do not maintain it.

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Getting through the Atkins Diet Induction Phase

The induction phase in the Atkins Diet is known to be the toughest of all the phases you have to follow in the diet plan. Well, it is the toughest but it’s worth the effort. Depending on your target, induction phase can last up to maximum one year. For a minimum of two weeks breaking free from your unhealthy eating habit, you can generally expect to lose 10% of your excess weight and that is a lot.

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Staying in Budget while in Atkins Diet Mode

Those who plan on starting a diet usually have several mind bothering things which prevent them on starting the diet plan immediately. One of them is whether they will need to spend extra cash on the diet plan? Even though going on diet is always associated with eating less or no food at all, it does not mean your money is safe.

Furthermore a good diet is not about eating less or no food at all. A good diet is a diet menu which consist low carbohydrates food which is not necessarily cheaper than your average food. The trick is to plan ahead and to focus on the basics.

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Top 10 Mistakes with Low Carb Diet

Nothing to be surprised about, we all are humans and we do made mistakes. When it comes to Atkins Diet and turning our way towards the low crab road, we do often experience bumps on the road to the healthy weight. Below are mentioned top 10 mistakes made when we are trying to switch to the low carbohydrate diet.

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