Top 10 Mistakes with Low Carb Diet

Nothing to be surprised about, we all are humans and we do made mistakes. When it comes to Atkins Diet and turning our way towards the low crab road, we do often experience bumps on the road to the healthy weight. Below are mentioned top 10 mistakes made when we are trying to switch to the low carbohydrate diet.

Mistake # 1: Not getting adequate information

The top first mistake as made by most of the people is not getting the adequate information. They just take as they do just have to take loads of proteins and fat and so they keep eating meat all day and they fail to understand the value of good crab intake. Therefore, to correct yourself the first thing you need to consider is the fact that you have to gain proper information about the “low crab diet”.

Mistake # 2: Losing your will power

This is the second mistake which often is confronted at the time of the first phase of the Atkins Diet which is the induction phase. The first five days of the induction phase are the most limiting days and most people lose to their carbohydrates craving and crash, give up their struggle to lose weight, and do not pace up with their resolution.

Mistake # 3: Poor intake of vegetables

Not all people like taking vegetables as part of their daily meals. Even if they do, it will only be a smart portion of it. In Atkins Diet, intake of lots of vegetables is stressed as a part of shedding the extra fat. In other words, adapt yourself to these good nutritious green foods.

Mistake # 4: Poor intake of fibers

If you avoid taking vegetable, you will not be getting enough fibers. Poor intake of vegetable results in the poor intake of the fibers.

Mistake # 5: Taking too much food

Be careful. Even if you are taking low carbohydrates food, it doesn’t mean you can eat them in a big quantity or too frequent.

Mistake # 6: Lack of planning

It all starts with a good plan. Plan your weight targets. Plan your schedule. Plan your menu. Plan everything ahead so you will be clear on where you are heading to.

Mistake # 7: Boring routine for eating

Unless you can eat the same meals over and over again for a whole month, I suggest you go creative with your menus. If you run out of idea, the internet is always there for you. Make the most out of it.

Mistake # 8:  Processed food

In simple explanation, processed or canned food is not fresh and they contain chemicals for them to be able to hold out for a longer duration of time. Go green. Go fresh. Even if you are not on a diet, avoid canned, processed food.

Mistake # 9: Lack of monitoring

Always focus on your target. It doesn’t mean you have to weigh your weight every second of the day but make sure you do not sway away from what you really want to achieve in the beginning. Some people failed because they lost sight of what is more important.

Mistake # 10: Lack of exercise

Regular exercise helps you to burn that fat faster. In addition to that, it gives you a healthy mind and reduces the everyday stress from life.


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