Staying in Budget while in Atkins Diet Mode

Those who plan on starting a diet usually have several mind bothering things which prevent them on starting the diet plan immediately. One of them is whether they will need to spend extra cash on the diet plan? Even though going on diet is always associated with eating less or no food at all, it does not mean your money is safe.

Furthermore a good diet is not about eating less or no food at all. A good diet is a diet menu which consist low carbohydrates food which is not necessarily cheaper than your average food. The trick is to plan ahead and to focus on the basics.

In Atkins Diet, there are lists of foods which you can choose from to start your diet. Check how much each ingredient costs to make a whole meal. This might be tedious in the first place but once you get a hang of it, it will be much easier once you are familiar with the items and their prices.

Once you have figured out which items are cheaper than the other, you know what to do next. Choose meals that are within your budget. Be creative. Do mix and match. If you run out of ideas on what else can be prepared out of the ingredients you choose, there are plenty of recipes on the internet. Google them.

Another way is to educate yourself on what are low carbohydrates foods? Well, there are three types of low carbohydrates foods. They are proteins, vegetables and fat. You can get your proteins from meat, poultry, fish, eggs etc. And while you are on your diet menu planning, it would be extra good if you can include the nutritional value and so on.

Be careful though. Not all vegetables are low in carbohydrates. Do some information gathering and find out which vegetables and fruits are low in carbohydrates and high in fibers and which are not. This is especially important when you enter the induction phase of the Atkins Diet.

If there is this one meal you really like but the ingredients are out of your budget, one thing you can do is to look for the same ingredients at different places other than your usual supermarket. Other places might offer a lower price for the same exact ingredients. You just have to do a little survey.

Finally, to keep you going on in this Atkins Diet make sure you plan ahead your meals for a whole week or even better a month if you can. Plan your menu with various recipes. Don’t stick to only one or you might end up getting bored with the same meals over and over again. Getting fed up is not good for yourself motivation to slim down. That is unless you can eat the same meals for a whole month without complaining! 🙂


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