Top 10 Rules for Lifetime Maintenance

When we speak about the Atkins Diet, we know that we have to work around one basic rule and that is ‘to cut down carbohydrates’. This is the diet plan which encourages the intake of fat and protein and of course, good carbohydrates that you can get from vegetables.

This diet plan is divided in to four phases and the last phase of this diet is lifetime maintenance phase. Lifetime maintenance phase is the one phase that will decide whether you will be able to maintain the ideal weight you have achieved right from the first phase or not. Although you have already passed the most difficult phase (induction phase) but all your effort will go down the drain if you do not maintain it.

Following are 10 rules to have your weight maintained throughout your lifetime:

Rule # 1: Count the carbs you take

It is called as Net Carbs. This is the number of the carbohydrate grams that have a significant influence over the level of blood sugar.

Rule # 2:  Maintain Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium (ACE)

This is the rate of the carbohydrate that would help you maintain your healthy weight.

Rule # 3: Have your ACE adjusted as per your requirement

Evaluating your metabolic resistance with the amount of the carbohydrates you take in can help you adjust your ACE.

Rule # 4: Unprocessed food is healthy food

Try taking in the unprocessed food. Avoid canned food. Fresh green vegetables or other vegetables coupled with fresh meat will go better for your body.

Rule # 5: Keep sugared and junk food at bay

Make sure you do not get junk food as often as you were in the days when you were obese. Junk food is rich in carbohydrates and can make you put on weight. Similarly, avoid taking white flour and sugared food. Sugar is nothing else but carbohydrate. Keep them away and stay healthy.

Rule # 6: Never skip your meals

This is the golden rule to help your weight maintained for lifetime. Skipping meals will only make you hungrier.

Rule # 7: Get in to regular exercise

Get in to regular exercise and make sure you are getting adequate exercise as per your body requirement.

Rule # 8: Take supplements

Get advice if necessary on what supplements that your body needs. This will help you to get nutrition that you don’t get from your meals.

Rule # 9: Drink a lot of water

The recommended minimum amount of water you must drink every day is eight ounce of water.

Rule # 10: Do not allow yourself to gain more then five pounds

Keep monitoring your weight every now and then. Remember, when temptations strike, focus on what is more important to you. 


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