Start Your New Diet Revolution with the Infamous Atkins Diet

It is no more undeniable that the world we live in today emphasis more on the physical side of the human, our physical appearances. It is all about looking beautiful and pretty where beauty is always poorly linked to being slim and all. The proof can be seen everywhere through advertisements in magazines, televisions etc.

Although there is a saying that goes ‘beauty is in the eyes of the beholder’ and we know physical appearance is not everything, but we can’t really deny the fact that there are indeed many positive effects if we take the effort to take extra care of our body. When we get to that ideal body we have always wanted, it means we are making sure we are fit and healthy. It means that we have helped ourselves to boost our level of self confidence. It means life will be better if not perfect in some way or the other.

Getting to that ideal weight has always been on almost everyone’s revolution list from day one up to now. But it is not as easy as we want it to be. The trick is to choose a method that works. One of them would be the infamous Atkins Diet. Read more to find out about this diet plan.

How does the Atkins Diet work, really? Simple. The idea is to change your eating style from taking high to low carbohydrates foods. The Atkins Diet will guide you through on what types of low carbohydrates foods you can and cannot eat. However I have to warn you that Atkins Diet is EXTREMELY TOUGH and you can only succeed if you STRICTLY follow the phases.

Simply put, the Atkins Diet has four phases which you have to understand and follow to lose that extra fat. The four phases are 1) The Induction Phase, 2) The Ongoing Weight Loss, 3) Pre-maintenance and 4) The Lifetime Maintenance. And of course it is highly recommended to exercise regularly and take supplements as part of living a healthy lifestyle.

The most extreme phase of all the four phases will be the induction phase. It is said to be extremely difficult because by following this phase you can lose up to 15 pounds during this phase. This is possible because you are required to control your carbohydrates intake up to 20 grams only a day. Maximum is 20 grams a day.

The induction phase is also extreme in the sense that the diet helps you to break free of your routine (unhealthy) eating habit. Eating lots of low carbohydrates vegetables stabilizes your blood sugar level and gradually curbs various health problems that caused by unstable blood sugar, like fatigue and diabetes. However, it won’t be easy as you need to fight against your cravings for foods.

The third and fourth phases are more to maintaining the weight you have already achieved after shedding the unnecessary fat. The good news is that you can increase your carbohydrates intake up to 60 grams per day during these phases. But make sure, if you want to permanently maintain your ideal weight, you have to make it your habit to stay on the diet plan. Choose a better and healthy life style now. Start now with the Atkins Diet Plan.


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